Tesla Installs World’s Largest Lithium Ion Grid Battery Project In Just 94 Days


Tesla has finished installing a project for Southern California Edison (SCE) that will provide enough energy to power 2,500 homes all day, or 15,00 homes for four hours.  It is the largest operating Lithium Ion Battery Project in The World, and what Tesla and SCE are calling The Utility Grid of the Future.

The 396 Tesla Powerpacks (20MW/80MWH of Energy Storage) reduce the reliance on Peaker plants in a part of California that is still reeling from environmental disaster following the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak.  Energy storage is a primary method of reducing the need of peaker power plants in Southern California.

Adding energy storage to California’s electric grid also:

  • Prevents electricity shortages
  • Provides energy security
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by allowing more variable renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.  Battery packs also help fossil fuel generators run more efficiently by limiting peaker plants, which run at sub-optimal levels to meet demand.

The project was installed in just 94 days at Southern California Edison’s Miramar Basin Substation.  The speed of the project highlights a major advantage of renewable energy and energy storage over fossil generators that have long approval, permitting, and construction times.

According to Tesla, the project ensures safe, clean, and reliable electricity for 15 million people in Southern California.

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